Meet Rebecca


Rebecca, Who Now Works as a Developer Evangelist at Squarespace, is a “Champion Of Change,” Honored by the White House for Her Many Activities Advocating for Youth in Technology.

This former camper says iD Tech Camps changed her life, introducing technology as a fun and rewarding career, and motivating her to bring about social and economic equality through STEM education.

Rebecca is an advocate for girls and youth in tech.  But it isn’t just a title—she’s making things happen.  So much so that she was recognized by the White House as a “Champion of Change;” invited as one of 11 tech leaders who “shares a commitment to expanding opportunities in technology for young people, particularly minorities, women, and underserved communities.”

Born to Hispanic and Asian immigrant parents who instilled the significance of education and “giving back,” Rebecca works to connect underserved kids to tech skill-building opportunities.

She realized the power of technology at iD Tech Camps.

“Two weeks at iD Tech Camps held at MIT changed my life.  Being surrounded by so many passionate people who shared similar interests blew my mind. I was introduced to the idea of technology as a fun and exciting career, and not some lofty idea just for engineers hiding in a lab.”

Fortunate for her opportunity to attend iD Tech Camps, Rebecca realized that many kids will never have the chance to experience such a valuable outing.  So, she leapt at the chance to start a non-profit initiative, reaching out via Twitter to James Whelton, the founder of CoderDojo.  Now, with the help of her co-founder, the backing of, and her group of “amazing” 20 volunteers, Rebecca’s CoderDojo NYC now mentors over 100 youth per month on a zero dollar budget. It’s a “free open global collaborative movement to teach youth to code” according to the website.

Other accomplishments for Rebecca include speaking at Girls Who Code, mentoring at the Technovation Challenge, and representing TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) in the NYC area; an initiative to get STEM into underprivileged schools. Rebecca has also been hired as a Developer Evangelist at Squarespace, where she helps empower people to bring their ideas to life on the web.

Through all of her opportunities, Rebecca wants boys and girls to know that there are opportunities out there to follow dreams, no matter where they might come from.  It was an idea sparked at iD Tech Camps, and is now the driving force behind her work with CoderDojo NYC and future endeavors.