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Meet the Padalino Brothers

At 9 years old, twin brothers Ross and Scott used Their iD Tech Camps skills to develop a website for a local client.
And they got paid!

These former campers got started with STEM as 9-year-olds and immediately put their 21st century skills to use. Now, after five years of completing a number of different summer courses, Ross and Scott have broadened their knowledge to continue excelling.

When Ross and Scott first attended iD Tech Camps, their interests included soccer, tennis, and playing on the computer. But, it didn’t take long for the then 9-year-old twin brothers to recognize their talents, and realize that working with technology isn’t only fun, but lucrative.

“After our first course at iD we really wanted to return to take a 3D Game Design course, but our parents told us we would have to earn the money on our own to pay the way. Well, we learned that a company in our hometown needed a website. At iD Tech Camps we had just learned how to make websites using Dreamweaver, so we let the business know that they could hire us to create their site.”

And that’s exactly what happened; the boys did a “beautiful job” according to the owner who hired the brothers to produce a fully-functioning online venue for his customers.  The New York Times even took notice, featuring Ross and Scott in a small business blog article that outlined this valuable website building experience.

The twins now have different goals moving forward.  Ross wants to continue making websites and movies, and even try his hand at acting, while Scott wants to become a game developer, having already designed several prototypes.  Both credit iD Tech Camps with instilling the confidence to accomplish their goals—whatever they may be.

“The iD experience isn’t just about technology. It’s about a mindset. Only iD believed little 9-year-old kids could do things like develop and sell websites.  So we believed, too. No other camp did that for us. It changed our lives.”


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