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Meet Matthew D.

This iD Tech alum journeyed from BIG dreams to dream job as a Software Engineer at Google!

While setting the goal to work at such companies as Dropbox, Facebook, and Google could be considered lofty, it’s something Matthew has wanted to do for years. Once he set his mind to it, there was no stopping him.

Matthew says the start of his skills development path was the time he spent at iD Tech Camps and iD Programming Academy held at Stanford. The experience taught him things he hadn’t learned in school, and gave him the opportunity to work with industry-standard software.

One of his most memorable moments was visiting Google while at the iD Programming Academy.

“I specifically remember a Disneyland-like feel with all the colors, wonders, company store, and excitement,” says Matthew. “That was definitely one of the things that cemented my love of tech early on.”

After camp, Matthew continued learning with internships, an incredibly valuable way to gain experience and skills. During his time in college, he not only worked for his university, but also interned as a Software Engineer with Dropbox, Facebook, and Google, and scored a position as a Google Student Ambassador. He achieved all of this before graduating from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s in Computer Science.

Matthew emphasizes the importance of working on projects outside of the classroom. “It doesn’t matter what you develop, as long as it’s technically challenging for you,” says Matthew. “This not only lets you build a strong portfolio, but also provides a solid foundation for passionately answering potential interview questions for your future career.

Acquiring all those skills and gaining all that experience paid off. After graduation, Matthew joined the Inbox team as a Software Engineer at Google.

“I’m now a full-time Googler in Mountain View!” says Matthew. “It’s definitely a new challenge every day, but I’m having a blast and it’s where I belong.”

The bottom line? Dream big, challenge yourself with outside projects, and don’t be afraid to take and create your own opportunities. Like Matthew, your ideal job could be closer than you think.


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