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Meet Mark

This iD Tech alum graduated from MIT, worked at Harmonix, interned at Google, earned a Dual-Masters from BU,
and now works as an Xbox Product Evangelist at Microsoft!

Mark’s path to his current position with Microsoft was kick started by iD Tech Camps—a summer experience that shaped his goals and provided the tools he needed to succeed.

“iD Tech Camps helped me identify what it was I enjoyed about technology. More importantly, my summer immersed in game development helped me realize that many people have successful careers in technology.”

As a Google intern, Mark’s days were filled with market sizing and making strategic recommendations based on tech trends in the mobile ads space.  He worked within the Google Media and Technology Solutions department, spending 12 weeks at the search giant’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

“Specifically, I was a member of Ad Products and Commercialization. I can't say exactly what my project was, but I had a blast soaking up as much information as possible during my time with such a prestigious company.”

Mark has also interned at the Singapore GAMBIT Game Lab; a position held during his time as an undergraduate student at the prestigious MIT.  Not long after graduating, Mark was hired by gaming company Harmonix, where he helped develop popular titles Dance Central and Rock Band.  He has now earned a dual-master’s from Boston University—an MS-MBA—and has recently accepted a position as an Xbox Product Evangelist at Microsoft.

According to Mark, he is responsible for creating a strategic portfolio of third-party applications on the Xbox (e.g. Netflix, Twitch, Hulu, ESPN, etc). His new position carries a great deal of responsibility, providing him the opportunity to make a real impact on the established software giant.

Looking back to iD Tech Camps, Mark says the freedom to create whatever can be imagined was an appealing feature to a then 15-year-old looking for a summer tech experience.  He went on to enjoy his time at iD Tech Camps so much that he returned as a member of the summer staff, directing the pre-college iD Coding & Engineering Academy for Teens.

“Although working as a Director requires a huge amount of dedication, it is also extremely rewarding.  To be surrounded by 48 campers whose enthusiasm about technology matches mine is fantastic.”

His advice for future campers?  Explore interests and use iD as a jump-off point to discover just how far your interests can take you in school, future careers, and life in general.  Through his many experiences – and those that have yet to come – Mark looks to continue implementing the love for technology and tech skill-building that took root at iD Tech Camps.


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