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Meet Luke

This iD Tech alum was offered an exclusive internship at the Institute of Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt!

Luke attended iD Tech Camps, learned and developed programming skills, and is now putting those skills to great use—getting ahead in school and gaining valuable experiences that will positively impact a full-time career in the STEM occupation of his choosing.

A self-taught C++ programmer, Luke needed something to help him develop existing skills and establish a new core set of programming talents. So, he enrolled in iD Tech Camps, taking one session of C++ Programming in 2012 and returning for a course in Java in 2013.

“The C++ course definitely increased my skill level and understanding of programming concepts. My instructor did an excellent job tailoring the teaching to a wide range of skill levels. While some students had zero programming experience, others had a fair amount. But regardless of background, we were all challenged.”

Those challenges have paid off, encouraging Luke to look at programming in a different light, and motivating him to take his skills to the next level. At camp, he created an online game management system that can be used for turn-based style games; spending one week with C++ programming and then the next porting it to the Java language. Luke is now expanding the system for use on Android devices. He has also excelled in his engineering courses at school, taking the lead in group projects, and standing out as the only student able to build a robot, and knowing enough about programming to actually make it work.

“My knowledge of programming definitely put me ahead of the students who had to learn both about robotics and about programming.”

All of this has culminated into a paid internship with the Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt—an opportunity extended after Luke showcased exemplary work in the engineering program at his well known academic magnet school.

As Luke’s story shows, students with skills ranging from beginner to advanced can always learn more. And while it is imperative to learn such skills in order to fill vacant STEM jobs of the future, it is putting skills to good use and “doing” that sets certain students apart from the rest.


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