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Meet Katherine

This iD Tech alumna is a computer animation award winner and an indie video game designer!

Katherine, currently an Assistant Editor at Stoopid Buddy Studios—a production company famous for their stop-motion, CG, and 2D animation across television, film, and the web—has accomplished big things in the areas of design and animation.

Her first two short films, “Subway” and "St. Petersburg,” were winners—capturing first and second place, as well as “Best of Show”—at New Mexico’s Digital Desert Youth Film Festival.

But it was Katherine’s creation for Project Yellow Light’s Don’t Text and Drive campaign that solidified her status as a professional animator. She won first place for her “Be a Friend” clip—a spot that depicts the dangers of texting and driving. The Ad Council broadcasted Katherine’s work nationally as a public service announcement. Her PSA’s success helped her to become a Post Production Intern at Nickelodeon Animation Studios, where she gained even more valuable animation experience.

Katherine shares that her four years of “fantastic experiences” at iD Tech were more than valuable in getting her started, and inspiring her to pursue a degree—and career—in animation.

“iD Tech Camps has more than impacted my goals, it essentially created my goals, because I would have never been so interested in animation or programming if I hadn’t attended,” she says. “It gave me the tools to refine my art, and it’s extremely exciting to me that I get to keep bringing my experiences from iD Tech into my life in practical ways.”

Her advice to aspiring STEM students is to show off your work.

“Sharing what you do with others will help you sharpen your creative voice, be more receptive to giving and getting feedback, and create more thoughtful projects,” Katherine says. “Building confidence comes from practice, and that means getting comfortable with people discussing your work, and knowing when to take someone’s advice or when to stand your ground.”

Named a National Merit Scholar, Katherine recently graduated from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts on Presidential Scholarship, where she majored in animation.

“One of my favorite projects was a 2D animated senior film that’s about six minutes long,” Katherine says. “I continue to be very interested in TV animation as well as video games, and I’m really looking forward to joining one of those industries.”

She had also become closely involved with the USC Cinema School's Interactive Media Department. For the past few years, she was a part of the "Advanced Game Project," where she collaborated with students across a variety of departments to produce and demo video games for peers, faculty members, and gaming industry pros. A game she worked on as a freshman was picked up for release on the Ouya and was also selected for IndieCade 2014.

Katherine loves her current position as an Assistant Editor, where she gets to ensure the work her studio produces is smooth and flawless, with no wasted frames of animation. Each day brings new and exciting opportunities for her.

“Never be afraid to tackle new projects,” Katherine says. “The best way to get better at what you do is to challenge yourself regularly. Push yourself out of your comfort zone."


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