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Meet Karen

This iD Tech alumna went from zero design experience to Art Chief of her high school's literary magazine!

Karen has always had a passion for photography, but didn’t necessarily have the skills to match. That is, until she attended iD Tech Camps. Having never used Photoshop before iD, she quickly realized it as an essential tool.

“My exposure to technology was limited before iD Tech Camps, especially in terms of photo software such as Photoshop. Now I’m more than familiar with Photoshop and I can do everything from editing images to creating original artwork.”

That “everything” has allowed Karen to gain recognition as a standout student in school. Her technical expertise allowed her step into a leadership position as the school’s literary magazine’s Art Chief. She now leads her own team in selecting and editing photos, and even fields all Photoshop questions – her photography teacher admits that Karen knows the program better than she does.

The resulting confidence has opened Karen’s eyes to new career opportunities.

“When I grow up, I really want to be a photojournalist. I love travelling, but most of all I love photography. The Photoshop skills I learned at iD Tech Camps and my resulting leadership experience as Art Chief will help me get started with this career.”

For Karen, attending iD Tech Camps wasn’t only about building valuable STEM know-how. She developed communication skills, while gaining new friends and forging new relationships and networks. Her camp experience helped with all of the above, putting Karen in the very best position to transform interests into a potential career in photojournalism.


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