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Meet Justin

This iD Tech alum established a technology initiative for underprivileged students
and had his film screened at the White House!

This former camper has published a number of apps, built a variety of websites, and focused on bringing necessary tech skills to the underprivileged and underserved. Recently, Justin and three teammates created a short film that was screened at the White House as one of 16 official selections.

Justin, now a Computer Science major at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, established Quotus Systems, LLC to build websites, apps, and other tech products for clients in need. His all-in-one social networking tool weSocial was recently released for the iPhone and iPad, and has been well-received in the Apple App Store.

But amid Justin’s success building tech apps and platforms for the general public, he wanted to bring technology to those who may not have yet realized they even need it. His goal? To help underprivileged children by teaching STEM skills and providing them the tools needed to succeed, while also bringing disadvantaged communities up to speed with equipment and know-how necessary to function at greater efficiencies.

So Justin set out to get things done, using his own Bar Mitzvah money and other personal funds to purchase 30 brand new computers. What he then did with the newly-purchased tech equipment is quite extraordinary.

“I have been traveling to the Bahamas to install computer labs at three different police stations throughout the country as a way to bring necessary technology literacy skills to underprivileged and underserved kids. I also developed a computer literacy curriculum and have it being taught in all of the established labs to local children. I conceived and designed the project on my own, with the assistance of a couple of others, and have at least 10 more labs planned once I raise the funds. The Bahamian Prime Minister recognized me for my work and awarded me a commendation.”

Some things aren’t often learned in a classroom. Kindheartedness, generosity, benevolence. These are traits and characteristics that come from within. While Justin has showcased all of the above on his own accord, he credits his time at iD Coding & Engineering Academy with furthering his tech skills, but with also instilling the motivation to do more with his talents. Recently, he and three of his peers created a short film that was screened at the White House as one of 16 official selections.

“iD Tech introduced me to a multitude of people who share my same interests—and I value these connections greatly as they have enabled me to broaden my horizons. I’m thankful for the entire iD experience as it allowed me to see the bigger picture and discover how my skills can be best applied to better myself and others.”

Between weSocial, other apps like Posnack and Warranty Buddy, building a series of websites both for himself and clients, and the Bahamas Urban Renewal project, Justin’s work is testament to all that can be done with 21st century STEM skills. He maintains the motivation to do something BIG and appears primed to continue his drive and determination to better the lives of those around him.


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