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Meet Jon

This iD Tech student-turned-entrepreneur was named a Presidential Scholar!

When we first caught up with Jon, he was experiencing tremendous success with several apps, earning money from his creations via purchases and advertisements. Now, Jon is on his way to attend Santa Clara University as an undergraduate student, and has been named a Presidential Scholar. He's one of 141 outstanding American high school seniors who were recognized for outstanding academic achievement, artistic excellence, leadership, citizenship, service, and contribution to school and the local community.

The President Obama-appointed White House Commission on Presidential Scholars selects student candidates each year—and of around three million students, only 3,300 qualified for the 2013 awards. From there, one young man and one young woman were chosen to represent each of the 50 states and Puerto Rico, along with representatives from U.S. families living abroad, 15 at-large, and another 20 U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts. Jon’s recognition as a Presidential Scholar is an exclusive honor shared by only a small percentage of students nationwide.

As he looks forward to the college experience, Jon feels well-prepared thanks to his time at iD Coding & Engineering Academy.

“iD gave me a lot of excellent opportunities…Having an instructor explain the Android SDK was an invaluable experience. I have already released several apps on the market and am making money from them. My whole experience ignited a passion for programming and has prepared me to conquer whatever programming challenges are ahead.”

His ability to standout in school relates to Jon’s experience with iD Coding & Engineering Academy. While he had a lot of exposure to technology before attending (being fairly skilled with C++ and Java), he wasn’t satisfied with status quo; he wanted to learn more. Jon says this motivation to “keep going” is crucial to future success.

“I love learning new things—the more knowledge I have about technology, the better! iD provided access to professional software and knowledgeable instructors, along with the opportunity to learn STEM skills I might not have ever come across had I not attended. I carry the same attitude with me in school and other areas of my life…if there is more to do, I want to do it. ”

From furthering his programming aptitude to being able to explore college before actually attending, Jon embraced the entire iD experience. He also met new friends, developed relationships, and set wheels in motion for future endeavors. Jon enjoyed everything iD has to offer, and has capitalized on his iD Coding & Engineering Academy experience to push ahead in life and gain a competitive advantage for a future career.


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