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Meet Jake

This iD Tech alum went from Adobe to Adonit as an Interactive Designer and Developer!

This former student always loved technology but never put much thought into what makes it all “tick.” iD Tech Camps inspired Jake to see video games and technology in a different light.

Jake first took the step towards transforming an interest in video games into something more by enrolling at iD Tech Camps held at MIT in 2007. He went on to work as an Experience Designer intern at Adobe, where he designed new products, user interfaces and user experiences, and created different functional prototypes.

A recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Jake now works as an Interactive Designer and Developer at Adonit. He’s also an indie game developer, developing Naxville, which is a Minecraft plugin that overhauls multiplayer interaction and makes Minecraft a multiplayer game.

He credits iD Tech Camps with exposing him to a new, different side of technology.

“iD taught me how computers think logically. Once you understand how to take advantage of a computer’s logic with code, you can learn any programming language and track down bugs easier. I had never made games before iD, and certainly never put thought into how they were made until I attended iD Tech Camps. Learning Java is probably what got me to where I am today.”

Having seen the valuable impact iD Tech Camps made on his interests and career path, Jake returned to iD Tech Camps as an instructor to help others with discovering new skills and taking their interests to the next level. He cites being on the “other side” of camp as an amazing experience in itself, with teaching kids how to use technology as rewarding as when he was learning tech as a student.

With all of this, Jake’s interests have been transformed into something tangible at Adobe and Adonit and with Naxville, cementing the fact that such interests can lead to rewarding and enjoyable career opportunities.


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