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Meet Collin

This iD Tech alum gained valuable work experience at Bethesda Softworks, then landed another
internship at EA Tiburon as an Associate Software Engineer!

Collin has always been interested in video games. Now, as a Software Engineer at Electronic Arts (EA), he’s employed full-time as a member of the Madden Gameplay Team working on Madden 17, the next incarnation of EA Sport’s lucrative NFL franchise.

Collin got started on his game design path at iD Tech Camps. In 2005, when Collin was in high school, his parents rewarded his interest in video games with a weeklong course in game level design at Carnegie Mellon University, and then another more in-depth course involving Unreal Engine the next summer.

“iD Tech Camps inspired me to choose Computer Science as my major,” Collin says. “It was a major turning point in my academic career, as I really started to take seriously the idea of working in the gaming industry after attending those two summers.”

The game design courses Collin took also gave him the tools to secure a coveted internship during the summers of his sophomore and junior years of college as a QA tester at Bethesda Softworks.

“The skills I learned at iD Tech helped me get my foot in the door at Bethesda, one of the most renowned gaming studios in the nation,” Collin says.

Bethesda is the company behind big-name games like The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout 3. During his internship, Collin tested popular games like Dishonored and Skyrim (the fifth Elder Scrolls game), and each week was filled with large-scale assignments. His work at Bethesda even earned him a spot in various game credits under the “Additional QA Testing” category.

Collin graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from University of Notre Dame and a Masters in Interactive Entertainment/Programming from Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) at the University of Central Florida (ranked the #1 gaming graduate school for 2016 by the Princeton Review).

But Collin wasn’t done with iD Tech Camps.  After graduating from Notre Dame, he returned as an instructor, spending the summer working at the University of Miami and teaching two programming courses.

“Many of my students blew away my expectations with just how much they learned and accomplished in a week’s time,” Collin says with pride.

From camper to instructor to professional software engineer, Collin encourages future campers to take advantage of the great courses iD Tech offers, as you never know what can turn a passion into a career.


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