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Meet Chris

This iD Tech alum became Systems Designer for Neverwinter Nights at Cryptic Studios!

After getting his start at iD Tech Camps, Chris is now fully entrenched in the video game industry with a full-time career at Cryptic Studios.

What is it like to work professionally in the video game industry? For former iD Tech Camps student Chris, it is full of designing and implementing gameplay elements ranging from player power items to enemies, bosses, progression systems, and even social interaction capabilities. His job at Cryptic Studios largely revolves around solving design issues and implementing new gameplay functionality. It’s the mathematics side of game design, and it’s something that was inspired by iD Tech Camps.

“iD was my first exposure to game design. After being a student and then returning as a summer instructor, I have been working in mathematics and design ever since.”

His “first exposure” included a game design course at the age of 12, completing Multimedia & Game Creation at iD Tech Camps held at Santa Clara University. Interacting with other like-minded students and gaining valuable skills he wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to, it was this course that motivated Chris to do even more.

“That summer really sparked my love for making and playing games. My experience that week of camp is what led me to pursue my career in game design and programming.”

Chris says working in the industry is easily the coolest job he has ever had, given the opportunity to do new and interesting things each and every day. He had always dreamed of working professionally with video games, but never thought it was possible before attending iD.

“iD Tech Camps has really been instrumental in shaping my life and professional career…There really is no other place like it.”

For Chris, the only way to accomplish his goals was to follow interests all the way through until they became more than mere hobbies. According to him, the resulting sense of accomplishment did wonders for confidence and self-esteem, and instilled the idea that doing what you love as a career can in fact be a very tangible reality.


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