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Meet Carter

This iD Tech alum landed his dream internship at Google!

Looking for an introduction to computers and the world of programming, Carter attended iD Tech Camps. Now, he is creating iPhone apps for a number of companies, and even landed a coveted internship with online services giant Google.

When wondering what the life of a programmer would be like, Carter went to Google. Not to search for more information, but to work as an intern. During his time on the company’s Boulder, CO campus, he was challenged with a number of different programming challenges and learned about brand new programming concepts along the way.

Coincidentally, Carter was already familiar with a few of the programs he was asked to use at Google…because they were some of the same tools he used as a student at iD Tech Camps.

“Not only was this a fun way to learn new concepts, but we also used a program that I was familiar with. It was the exact same program that I learned at iD Tech Camps—called Eclipse – modifying it a little bit to work with Python. So there was some new content, but it was easy to learn thanks to my previous knowledge and skills picked up at iD Tech Camps”

With weeks “jam packed” with everything from recreating the famous Google version of PacMan to learning how to fix bugs and more, Carter says the ultimate challenge during his internship came with his final project. He was asked to recreate the classic video game Pong, but with a twist—program a game board that changed surface materials every 20 seconds. This involved actions comprised of transforming the environment from “ice to goo,” and even creating an atmosphere absent of air or gravity. Carter programmed the game with basic code, and then added to it via advanced actions. He even performed all the big fixes.

“I definitely felt more confident to tackle the challenges presented to me because of the time I spent at iD Tech Camps. After taking two classes of programming in Java, two classes of programming in C++, and one class in iPhone/iPad programming, I felt extremely prepared to succeed.”

Thanks to his time at iD Tech Camps and a summer filled with building valuable 21st century skills, Carter was well prepared to tackle the tech road ahead of him. He is now attending Warren Tech through his local school and plans to continue pursuing his love for programming and computers, turning what were once mere interests into valuable internships and career opportunities.


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