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Meet Cameron

This iD Tech alum combined app development with philanthropy to donate $30,000 to charity!

Former iD Tech Camps and iD Coding & Engineering Academy student Cameron started his journey as an 11-year-old app builder. Today, he possesses a unique combination of coding talent and a desire to help others, and has greatly expanded his long list of impressive tech achievements.

After building his first app (called iSketch), Cameron saw his creation become a full-fledged success in the Apple App Store. So much so that he has donated $20,000 of its earnings to the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA for the purchase of iPads, iPods, computers, and other tech equipment for teen and pre-teen patients to enjoy during their stays.

Cameron’s latest app AnimalGrams was also well-received, allowing the young developer to donate $7,500 more—only this time to cancer research.

Where did his love for coding and inspiration to give back take shape? iD Tech Camps and 2-week, teen-only iD Coding & Engineering Academy, where he skills developed even further.

Cameron offers this explanation of his success and kindness.

“I always liked programming, but after attending iD Tech Camps and meeting other kids who also enjoyed programming, it made me want to take my skills and interests to the next level. Sharing your thoughts and collaborating with like-minded people pushes you…in a good way.”

In return for Cameron’s contributions from both iSketch and AnimalGrams, his bigheartedness was recognized at the first annual Kaleidoscope Ball organized by Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. Cameron was presented with the Innovator Award, speaking at the event and reuniting with the surgeon who had operated on his benign leg tumor four years earlier.

Looking back to iD Tech Camps and iD Coding & Engineering Academy, Cameron encourages others to attend— not only to have fun, but to put themselves in positions to succeed in the future. He has echoed this message as one of four speakers at the 2012 Tiecon youth conference—the largest convention in the world dedicated to fostering entrepreneurs across its international network.
And while Cameron’s list of achievements is noteworthy, there is more. He was recently hired as an intern for a notable apparel company, where he was tasked with helping improve and relaunch the company’s iPhone app. Cameron found the experience extremely fun—and valuable.

All in all, Cameron’s story is a prime example of all that can be accomplished when motivated to make a change. He has certainly put his talents to good use—showing the sky is the limit when you have tech skills and the resolve to do something BIG.


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