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Meet Andrew R.

This iD Tech alum surpassed 50,000 app downloads, started two businesses, lectured, and performed
consultant work for professionals—all before attending college.

This former iD Tech Camps and iD Coding & Engineering Academy student found initial success selling his nine apps in the Apple App Store. He now shifts his focus to running his own development companies and doing even more with his new programming skills.

You would think that a list of accomplishments as long as Andrew’s would have required years to compile—but this young developer is only in college. With nine apps, 50,000 downloads, a class developed and taught by Andrew himself, and many other endeavors, it’s amazing what this former student has achieved. Not to mention that he once thought of programming as “intimidating.”

“Prior to attending iD Coding & Engineering Academy held at MIT, I was intimidated by iPhone programming. I had tried to teach myself, but gave up, thinking maybe I wasn’t smart enough to program. Well, after two weeks, I was proven wrong—I left with three completed or in-progress apps.”

Andrew’s passion for programming has grown ever since. Now a student at Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering, Andrew plans on pursuing additional programming activities. Specifically, he has recently created his own app development company, Crash your Party, and co-founded another in On Tap Media. Andrew has also entered into a professional relationship with the national spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Jim White, with the two creating an all-in-one fitness and nutrition app as a result.

With his skills, Andrew not only wants to have fun doing what he enjoys, but he also wants to make a difference. He has advised former NBA player Chris Herren on ways mobile apps can support the mission of preventing alcohol and drug abuse among teens and young adults. The Virginia Medical School’s Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine has also benefited from Andrew’s talents, hiring him as a consultant and developer. He has even given a professional lecture to the UJFT’s Business and Legal Society on ways apps can benefit businesses and lawyers.

“I am very interested in the possibilities of iOS technology for children, specifically autistic and similarly handicapped children. My first app, Math Player, is a math app designed to make simple math fun for kids to practice. In fact, my high school integrated the app into the lower school curriculum. Another major project of mine was designing a robot for a competition run by the African Robotics Network.”

All things considered, Andrew first got comfortable with programming at iD Coding & Engineering Academy and has never looked back. What once was a daunting, unknown subject is now Andrew’s life passion.


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