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Meet Andrew F.

This iD Tech alum is a successful app entrepreneur!

Andrew has been attending iD Tech for years, making stops at iD Tech Camps, iD Game Design & Development Academy, and iD Coding & Engineering Academy along the way. Not hesitating to put his skills to good use, he has published a variety of apps, and looks to continue transforming interests into a career in tech.

Like other teens, Andrew has explored technology of all kinds. But unlike many of his counterparts, he is now creating with technology instead of simply consuming it. With 12 published iPhone apps later, Andrew is well on his way to a successful tech future, and is looking forward to spending more time with iD Coding & Engineering Academy next summer.

This year, Andrew is excited to have been awarded his third consecutive scholarship to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. In addition, he has recently been admitted to an intensive computer science course at Harvard, where he will learn alongside undergrad & graduate students. Andrew credits iD with opening doors to creative skills that he said couldn’t be obtained in the normal “book-learning” school environment.

“iD Tech Camps helped me to learn how to program. Before attending, I had a lot of exposure to technology, but never really created anything with it. I now have eight different apps in the Apple App Store.”

Andrew’s apps have been recognized—not only by those doing the purchasing, but by others as well. Chicago Parent featured Andrew in a lengthy write up, outlining his successes amidst a deficit in the number of students equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in the STEM-heavy job landscape of the future.

Specifically, the article says “Andrew is discovering that mastering math and science pays. STEM jobs are projected to grow by 17 percent by 2018, while other jobs see a comparatively tepid 9.8 percent growth. It's great work if you can get it. STEM workers earn 26 percent more than their non-STEM counterparts.”

Never satisfied with status quo, Andrew has made it a point to broaden his 21st century skill set, attending courses in everything from Adventures in Game Design as a kid at iD Tech Camps to iPhone & iPad App Development – Objective-C & Xcode at iD Coding & Engineering Academy for teens held at Stanford. He is working towards creating more complex and different kids of apps, utilizing the iOS 7 platform and will soon be looking for summer internships.

With still a few years to attend, Andrew hopes to continue growing to better himself personally and professionally. He credits iD with fueling a passion to not only learn, but to take talents further and transform hobbies and interests into a potential career.


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