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    RPG Maker

    Used in the Role-Playing Game Design with RPG Maker course at iD Tech Camps. RPG Maker lets you create a dungeon-crawling, monster-battling, world-traveling epic adventure. This massively popular role-playing game development tool is user-friendly for beginners, but powerful enough for advanced game developers. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, RPG Maker has an extensive library of characters and tile-based environments that will have you creating fantastic RPG worlds, maps, and awesome heroes. Take home your custom role-playing game for you and your friends to put to the test!

    • Download a free 30 day trial of RPG Maker VX Ace.
    • Save 50% off of RPG Maker VX Ace and other products. Use the coupon code idtechcamps.


    Used in the Mobile Game Design for iPhone & Android course at iD Tech Camps. Stencyl allows artists and designers to create games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web without writing any code. Designers snap together colorful blocks to build logic, an approach that was inspired by the successful Scratch (a project of the MIT Media Lab) . Stencyl has been used by over 400,000 developers and hundreds of schools to create thousands of games across all supported platforms. Stencyl is free to use for web publishing or offered at a discount to students for publishing to iOS and Android.

    Torchlight II Runic Games

    Used in the RPG Game Design with Torchlight II course at iD Tech Camps. Torchlight II is the smash hit sequel to Runic Games’ initial award-winning game, Torchlight. IGN calls it, “pure, perfectly paced loot-driven euphoria.” With four classes to choose from, a three act adventure awaits with ultimate replayability thanks to a vibrant modding community and New Game +. Torchlight II is an addictive co-op Adventure RPG to play with your friends. Available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

    TrackMania² by Ubisoft

    Used during general gameplay at iD Tech Camps. TrackMania² Canyon is the first installment of TrackMania². With 18 million registered users, the TrackMania franchise is among the most played online racing games worldwide. TrackMania² Canyon is part of the ManiaPlanet platform, which includes TrackMania² Stadium, TrackMania² Valley, and the brand new ShootMania FPS. Join the fun on crazy tracks and compete with players from all over the world! TrackMania² Stadium is the comeback of the Stadium environment enjoyed by millions of players with TrackMania Nations Forever. TrackMania² Stadium is a fast-paced take on the racer genre. Easy to get into thanks to its pure gameplay, Stadium‘s depth made it an eSports favorite for years, and brings the creative gamers to the mix thanks to its extensive level editor. TrackMania² Valley is the third environment of TrackMania². Valley is a new take on the classic arcade rally racing genre. Flirting between arcade and simulation, Valley marks a new checkpoint in the history of racing games.


    Used in the Game Programming for Apple iOS & Android with Unity (iD Tech Camps) and Game Development for iPhone & Android with Unity & C# (iD Game Design & Development Academy) courses. Students get free and heavily discounted Unity licenses. Students using Unity outside the classroom can use Unity Personal Edition to refine their skills and make and publish games.

    • Unity Personal Edition is free and fully-featured. Download here.
    • Unity Pro licenses are heavily discounted with proof of academic status for students in North America, UK, and Europe through our partner, Studica.If you’re interested in learning more, go here.

    Unreal Engine

    Used in the FPS Game Design with Unreal Engine 4 (iD Tech Camps), iD Game Studios 101 (iD Game Design & Development Academy), and 3D Level Design with Unreal Engine 4 (iD Game Design & Development Academy) courses. Unreal Engine is the complete professional development framework used to create acclaimed PC, mobile and console video games, enterprise applications, Hollywood quality VR experiences, and more. With access to highly curated assets in the Unreal Engine Marketplace and robust learning resources, see why so many industries and developers are flocking to Unreal Engine to bring their creativity to life.

    • Download and use Unreal Engine 4 for free.
  • Programming Specials
  • Engineering, Programming, App Development, & Robotics Product Specials


    c-jump Board Game

    Played during non-instructional time. Students discover the fundamentals of computer programming with c-jump, a family board game that helps children learn basics of languages such as C, C++, and Java.

    LEGO Education WeDo

    Used in the Junior Robotics Engineer course at iD Tech Mini. Using the construction set in combination with the software and activity pack, students build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors, connect via Bluetooth to an approved device, and use a simple programming tool to control their behavior. Through a series of cross-curricular, theme-based activities, your learners will develop STEM skills as well as develop key real-world skills such as teamwork, problem solving, communication, and cooperation – while also sparking creativity and innovation. LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 is the official hardware set used in the Junior FIRST LEGO League competition (children ages 6-9). For more information, visit

    LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 and NXT

    Used in the Adventures in Robotics (iD Tech Camps), Robotics Design & Visual Programming (iD Tech Camps), and Master Robotics Engineer (iD Tech Mini) courses. Through the combination of LEGO building sets and user-friendly software, MINDSTORMS Education EV3 provides students with the right tools to put their knowledge into practice and challenges them to come up with new ideas themselves. The LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 is the official robotics hardware set used in the FIRSTLEGO League competition (grades 4-8). For more information, visit



    Used at the iD Tech Mini Maker Station. An Invention Kit for everyone. It’s a simple Invention Kit for beginners and experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between. Turn everyday objects like bananas into touchpads! Connect the world around you to your computer.



    Used in the Adventures in Scratch Programming (iD Tech Camps) course. Scratch, a project of the MIT Media Lab, makes it easy to program your own interactive stories, games, and animations—and share your creations on the web. As you create and share projects with Scratch, you learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.

    • You can use Scratch online, or download a free copy for your computer.


    Used in the Adventures in Coding & Game Design with Tynker (iD Tech Camps), Junior Programmer & Game Designer (iD Tech Mini), and Master Programmer & Game Designer (iD Tech Mini) courses. Tynker is the easiest way for kids to learn programming. With Tynker, kids rapidly learn fundamental programming concepts as they animate characters, fly drones, publish apps and create amazing projects. We’re focused on empowering kids to become makers.

  • Visual Arts Specials
  • Design, Desktop Publishing, & Filmmaking Product Specials


    Autodesk Software

    Used in the 3D Printing with Autodesk 123D Design (iD Tech Camps), 3D Printing & Engineering with Autodesk 123D Design (iD Tech Camps), 3D Modeling & Animation with Autodesk Maya (iD Tech Camps), Macchiato 1 — 3D Printing with Autodesk 123D Design (Alexa Cafe), Macchiato 2 — 3D Printing & Engineering with 123D Design (Alexa Cafe), iD Game Studios 101 (iD Game Design & Development Academy), and 3D Modeling & Printing with Autodesk Maya & Mudbox (iD Game Design & Development Academy) courses. The landscape of the education system is changing rapidly as our world has become global, multi-disciplinary, massively networked, and hyper-complex. As part of Autodesk’s ongoing commitment to training and equipping the next generation of designers, engineers, architects, and digital artists, for this rapidly evolving world, they are providing free access to their software and learning resources that allow students to harness their passion for design and making.

    Wacom Intuous Pro Pen Tablets

    Used in the Web Design and Photography (iD Tech Camps), Web Design & Photography- Muse, Photoshop & Lightroom (iD Tech Camps), 3D Character Modeling with Autodesk Maya & Mudbox (iD Game Design & Development Academy), Design Barista (Alexa Cafe), and Design Technista (Alexa Cafe) courses. Take advantage of special pricing on the Intuos Pro Wacom pen tablets and enjoy the easy-to-use product that has become the favorite tool of millions of creative professionals, students and the educators alike. The Intuos Pro pen tablets include complimentary downloadable software to get students started quickly.

  • Other Products
  • Additional Product Specials


    Coup Card Game by Indie Boards & Cards

    Played during non-instructional time. Teaching valuable social & logic skills while having a great time, Coup is a game of bluff and deduction for 2-6 players that can be played in under 15 minutes that was described by the San Francisco Chronicle as a game that is “easy to learn, quick to play, and full of nail-biting strategic choices.”

    • Save up to 20% off the retail price when ordering from Amazon. You’ll also get free Prime shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

    The Resistance by Indie Boards & Cards

    Played during non-instructional time. Teaching logic, deduction and language skills, The Resistance is a game of secret identities for 5-10 players that can be played in about 30 minutes. The winner of multiple awards across the globe, The Resistance was called “a superb brain-teasing party game” by the San Francisco Chronicle.

    • Save 20% or more off the retail price when ordering from Amazon. You’ll also get free Prime shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

    Disclaimer: All products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Prices and products are subject to change at the discretion of each company. iD Tech assumes no responsibility for any transactions related to these products, or errors/changes in the prices listed on this website. Scratch, the Scratch logo, and the Scratch cat are trademarks of MIT. Image from Autodesk Maya. ©2016 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved. Autodesk and Maya are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. ©2016 Ubisoft® Entertainment. Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries. Nadeo, ShootMania and TrackMania are trademarks of Nadeo in the U.S. and/or other countries. Nadeo is a Ubisoft Entertainment company. All rights reserved.
    *Free Autodesk software and/or cloud-based services are subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms and conditions of the software license agreement or terms of service that accompany such software or cloud-based services. Software and cloud-based services provided without charge to Education Community members may be used solely for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, research or development and shall not be used for commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes.


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