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iD Tech Reviews & Testimonials

  • “This summer camp experience is the best thing that has happened to my child. Thank you so much!” -Janel J., UC Irvine Summer Camp

    “This was Elias’s third year at iD Tech Camps. He loved camp and the courses just as much as he did year one and two. Every day started with a big smile and ended with ‘is it already time to go?’” -Lora O., MIT Summer Camp

    “I love to see my son proud of his creations and excited to create more. He’s left this camp feeling capable and inspired with more ideas.” -Jessica W., University of Denver Summer Camp

    “We think iD is an exceptional camp that enables students to pursue their passions and produce projects that empower them to go farther and learn more. The camp atmosphere is incredibly positive and friendly. The counselors are enthusiastic and accomplished.” -Laura F., Columbia University Summer Camp

    “The organization of this whole camp experience was extremely professional. From the initial contact by phone to the closing day activities, I encountered nothing but enthusiasm and expertise. I think that you did a wonderful job of recruiting counselors that love kids and love technology! I feel that this was money well spent.” -Patrice P., Emory University Summer Camp

    “iD Tech Camps is absolutely professional, and fun too. I am really impressed with the staff, the organization, and the opportunities open to my daughter.” -Kim H., Stanford Summer Camp

    “My son has experienced a lifetime of difficulty meeting and getting to know new people. The staff at iD Tech Camps has pointed him in the direction of becoming a true leader. This week at camp has given my son a glimpse of what his life can be once he overcomes the hurdles he feels are around him.” -Deborah D., University of Miami Summer Camp

    “Our son looks forward to this camp throughout the year….his goal is to be an instructor, when he is old enough. I can’t stress enough how the staff encourages his accomplishments and how this affects his self-esteem. You have a great crew that does a wonderful job with all the campers.” -Jenine A., Northwestern University Summer Camp

    “My children really loved the summer computer camp and all the staff. It was a really great experience and the kids have begged us to stay another week in fact!! Next year will be a must!” -Alyson R., Case Western Reserve University Summer Camp

    “Best camp ever! My son is in heaven!! 3D Design Minecraft! Will definitely do again!! Thank you!” -Michele G., Rollins College Summer Camp

    “This is my 9 year old daughter’s 3rd summer at Stanford and she LOVES it! The wonderful thing is that every year there seem to be more girls participating too. Thanks iD Tech!” -Alisa B., Stanford Summer Camp

    “My son is *loving* iD Tech Camps at the University of Denver, learning Java and Minecraft mods in Java. I am so happy this program exists!” -Lynne N., University of Denver Summer Camp

    “My daughter, 8, just completed a week of Game Design at Rollins College and will never take games for granted again. She now realizes the hard work that it involves and has a new perspective. We love it and we’re going back for Robotics next week!” -Judy C., Rollins College Summer Camp

    “My student went to this camp at Purdue University and had a BLAST! Cannot wait to book for next summer, but this time with the academic credits.” -Andee O., Purdue University Summer Camp

  • “iD Tech Camps was a great way to spend my summer. Being in a university setting inspires you to learn more and be more active in class. Also, since this program lasted only for a week, I felt like I wasn’t stuck in some other intensive summer school. The amount of breaks and work time was well-proportioned, so I didn’t feel like I was cramming too much information in my head at any time. Although admittedly I don’t have much talent for programming, I think that because of the week I spent here, I will continue to pursue it and hopefully make awesome codes. So, now, I smile: ^__^” -Ilumin G., Santa Clara University Summer Camp

    “This camp was the best camp I have been to in a long time. We got to explore the world of game design so much that now, when I play a game, I look at it from a different perspective. This was a great experience.” -Emma O., New York University Summer Camp

    “I had a great time at iD Tech Camps. I am very happy that I was able to experience something like this. It made me want to pursue careers in the near-future involving scripting, coding, and programming etc. The staff was very nice. I am glad I was able to meet these nice people. I thank them so much for teaching me all this and bestowing upon me this knowledge. Overall, I had a wonderful time.” -Nathan C., Cal Poly Pomona Summer Camp

    “This is the best week of my life. Over my four years of coming here I have felt better about it each time. iD Tech is the best camp that I have ever attended. The instructors and director were amazing. I’m turning 18 next year and I hope to be able to become an instructor myself so I will be able to pass along the happy memories/feelings that I got here!” -Richard A., Merrimack College Summer Camp

    “All of the instructors are great, the atmosphere of the lab is just awesome, and I can always make tons of new friends. I prefer this camp to others because I know I will learn what I signed up for, and I will enjoy doing it.” -Kelley C., University of Denver Summer Camp

    “Amazing. I loved the counselors, campers, the course, and the atmosphere. I’ve been to Cyber Camps and liked iD Tech ten times better! There was such a bond between the campers and counselors–it was like we were one big family!” -Cassie S., Seton Hall University Summer Camp

    “Each year I come not knowing anyone and through the week I have made many friends and I feel I have known them my entire life. One reason I love iD Tech so much is you make new friends every year!” -Samuel H., University of Michigan Summer Camp

    “I loved my experience with iD Tech. My teacher was very helpful, and I had so much fun! I expected to do things that were fun, and also to learn a lot. I was able to do all that and more! This is the best summer camp I’ve ever been to.” -Jake K., UCLA Summer Camp

    “I made some great friends! My instructor was so friendly and truly helpful. He was the best instructor ever! The rest of the staff was amazing and the camp director was like a best friend to every camper.” Jakob T., UC San Diego Summer Camp

    “Fabulous, fabulous, FABULOUS! I had a copiously amazing week and would like to thank my awesome teacher. Everybody seemed really energetic and excited about what we were doing, and it made camp more fun. Thanks for an awesome week!” -Sierra C., University of Denver Summer Camp

    “iD Tech Camps is great for everyone because you don’t need to know anything about virtual design beforehand. Plus, you make friends and take part in physical activities every day. I recommend iD Tech Camps for everyone because it’s not just some summer camp…it’s a memory that you will hold on to for your whole life.” -Joe R., Carnegie Mellon University Summer Camp

    “I had a wonderful experience at iD Tech Camps. I was a complete beginner at the beginning of the course, but by the end of the week the instructors had me at the level where I was able to do a lot of the programming on my own. The instructors were very nice and helpful and were able to explain things that might not be exciting, exciting. I really enjoyed my time and I know for sure that I will be back!” -Kyle J., Vanderbilt University Summer Camp

    “I loved my session at iD Tech Camps! I learned so many new things from my instructor and fellow campers, including Photoshop. The food was great, the staff was friendly, and the games were awesome! I really hope to come back next year.” -Samantha T., Villanova University Summer Camp

    “This is my second year coming to iD Tech Camps. I love every summer because of the intelligent and friendly staff that organizes fun and interactive activities. They also give the best material needed for success. It is a great place to interact with new people and make friends, while learning something new, in a very cool and fun way.” -Robert E., UC Berkeley Summer Camp

    “LOVED the camp! The course was amazing, and I can’t wait to learn more about 3D Programming!!” -Hannah D., Colorado State University Summer Camp

    “I really liked how there was a seriously positive atmosphere and lots of fun things to build and do. The other kids were nice and the counselors joked and helped you when you needed it. I think it was really fun and hope many others come here, not just for the fun, but also for the education in either robotics, C++, Java, video game making and RPG. Overall, I think it was a great camp and an even better experience!” -Noah T., Towson University Summer Camp

    “This was my 7th and last year at iD tech camps and may have been my favorite year. This being my first and only year as an overnighter I enjoyed getting to know the counselors at a more personal level and enjoying the fun activities at night. Overall I have loved this camp and look forward to going back every summer. I’ve learned so much from this camp and it has inspired me to venture into the world of programming and computer design. Thank you iD tech camps for giving me 7 great years of fun! I will miss you!” -Henry F., Roger Williams University Summer Camp

    “iD Tech Camps was a fun experience. The staff and students are filled with energy and excitement. The dining hall had great food, and that’s saying a lot considering I’m such a picky eater. Being on a university campus also added the aura of what it’s going to be like in college. My medication was distributed right on time, another plus to my camp experience. My experience was amazing at iD Tech Camps.” -Colton B., Vanderbilt University Summer Camp

    “This has been one of the best weeks of my life. iD has taught me things that no other camp could have fit into one week. The instructors know what they are doing and are always willing to help. Thank you iD Tech Camps!” -Dixon D., UNC-Chapel Hill Summer Camp


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