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Team MO (Main Office)

Brilliant Corporate Staff, Top Workplace

We’re an established, independent company with a startup mentality. iD Tech encompasses youth summer camps and teen summer programs including iD Tech Camps, iD Coding & Engineering Academy, iD Game Design & Development Academy, Alexa Café, and iD Tech Mini, as well as Tech Rocket, our year-round, online learning platform for all ages.

What’s the very best compliment a company can receive? When the employees of that company—the people who know it best—consider it a Top Workplace. For 7 years in a row, we've been voted a Top Workplace for small companies by the Bay Area News Group (publisher of the San Jose Mercury News).

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Behind the Scenes at iD Tech

Hiring Managers

We’re a team of full-time veteran industry professionals responsible for hiring the tech-savvy summer instructors that have made iD famous. We each manage a small set of universities (average of 5). Each of us (100% of our team) has worked in the field as an iD Camp Director prior to being promoted to a much sought-after Regional Manager position. We intimately know how hard the job is, and how to achieve awesome results. We train our summer staff in-person, visit each site to keep the gears running smoothly, and make ourselves available 24/7 for students, staff, and parents. Our summer camp staff often comment that the real-time support they receive from us, and the rest of our team in Silicon Valley, is unprecedented. Non-stop peace-of-mind.


Camp Specialists

The way we treat our clients is a glimpse of how we run our camps. Call us or email us—even if you just want to talk about your day. We treat you how we’d want to be treated, and actually pick up your call during business hours. If we’re closed, you can bet you’ll receive a call back the next business day. We personally respond to all client emails within one business day. It’s a source of pride—and respect. To us, it’s just genuine care for our students and parents. We set high expectations because we don’t know any other way. Contact us.



We’re loud and proud when it comes to the best summer tech camps in the nation! You’ll find us writing articles and creating ads, blogging, keeping our web content fresh, and brainstorming creative ways to spread the word about the important STEM and tech programs we so deeply believe in. We keep in touch with iD alumni and feature those who go on to do something BIG! Stay up to date with us—follow #idtechcamps on Twitter, and find us on Facebook!


Web & Creative

We’re a clever, quirky bunch that craves freedom, excitement, variation, and the ability to make an impact both on current and potential clients. We’re the artistic soul of the office—and the entire iD Tech brand of products including iD Tech Camps, iD Game Design & Development Academy, iD Coding & Engineering Academy, Alexa Café, iD Tech Mini, and Tech Rocket. It’s up to our crew to translate the spirit of iD Tech to you in visual form. Our contributions are showcased through examples like our responsive website, camp T-Shirts, catalog design, and staff attire. If it has our logo on it, we take responsibility for it.


Application Development

Application development at iD Tech is big, and getting bigger. We have our own in-house development team working on strategic, proprietary initiatives such as iD Game Plan—our learning system, Tech Rocket—our online subscription service, our Mobile Check-In and Check-Out app for summer staff, staff corner, online registration, and more. The team is versed in PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, iOS, C++, .NET, Symfony, and a bunch of other technical stuff that all come together to work fluidly and seamlessly. We get to work on big, elaborate projects, and the investment in this area is considerable, and growing briskly, which makes for a challenging and fun environment.


Compliance and Risk Assessment

If we had a motto, it would be “wherever, whenever needed, we’re on it.” With an exacting eye for detail, we ensure iD Tech is compliant with multi-state youth camp regulations while meeting all requirements for our staff and clients. There is no room for error in this department, as we oversee the health and safety policies and procedures with the safety of every student and staff member in mind. We’re skilled at bringing people together from various teams to collectively address needs and plan for the future.


Information Technology

We keep the iD engine running smoothly and effectively, both in the main office, and out at our summer programs. Need another server? We’re on it. Need to push it to the cloud? We can do that. Oh, you need an iPhone or Android? We support both. We provide IT support, network administration, and data security across the entire organization. We think we’re a pretty important crew—but we’re never too busy to prank someone who forgot to lock their computer. In the words of the IT crowd, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Thought so.



Ever wonder who comes up with all the crazy fun iD Tech courses? That’s us. First, we create curricula and lesson plans. Next, we instruct the instructors. Then we eloquently impart technical wisdom to tens of thousands of iD students each season. You can find us breaking down the process for giving the "Big Eye Alien" eight directions of movement in Fusion or creating a simple analogy for a complicated for/while loop in C++. Then there's our Editorial Team, who test every project and polish every word with a perfection bordering on obsession. In short, we love making really, really cool courses based on really amazing software and hardware. Not only are we experts in our fields, most of us have come up from the iD camp level—so we know how important our role is.



Got issues with phones, computer hardware, inventory, or supplies out at camp? We’ve got your back. We’re the logistics gurus who provide support to the RM team, and our summer staff. Getting thousands of computers out to each location on time… it’s not easy. Getting each camp the thousands of detailed supplies they need… that’s not easy either. It’s our honor to ensure that the staff trainings and summer camps receive all the items needed to run operations efficiently. No detail is too big or too small. We deliver “camp in a box” on time to each site so our camp Directors and Instructors can focus on running unparalleled summer programs—and not focus on shopping. It’s a level of support that is expected at iD.



Happy payday! It’s up to us to make sure our ever-growing staff family gets paid on time so they can focus on the finer things in life, like making sure our summer programs keep rockin’ and rollin’. After all, happy staff equals happy campers. When we’re not calculating checks, we offer assistance to anyone who asks—from HR, to Accounting, to Web, to Marketing. We often head out to our camps and regional trainings to lend a helpful hand. It’s funny, people always treat the payroll folks nicely. Long live iD team spirit!


People Services

As the keepers of culture at iD, we’re responsible for working with management to attract, hire and retain passionate employees that will thrive in our fast-paced, quirky work environment. Our staff enjoys a variety of outstanding benefits—some traditional, some exclusive to iD. The office culture is unique, hip and full of pop-culture references (meeting in the Dragon's Lair in 5 minutes!), and good humored (watch out for spontaneous Nerf showdowns). We wouldn’t have it any other way. Need help building your DIY standing desk? We’re on it. With us, you’ll never run low on office supplies or fresh fruit. Interested in joining our team?


Accounting & Finance

Where the money’s at! We handle all the dollars and cents behind the scenes, in order to keep iD financially sound. We provide you with smooth transactions and accurate statements. Our financial reports enable the iD team to grow each year. We love what we do and we love where we do it.

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