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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver the highest quality, most inspiring, and inventive technology experiences to the next generation of visionaries—one student at a time. We build inclusive, fun learning environments where students are empowered with the skills they need to reimagine our tech-driven world. Whatever your passion, we're here to help you take it to the next level.

Our Core Values

  • Deliver Engaging Educational Experiences: We reinvent education by offering cutting-edge curriculum in a lively, hands-on environment. Our students possess limitless potential and our staff inspire them by bringing joy and creativity to learning with a personalized approach.
  • Provide Positively Outrageous Service: Service is redefined every day by every employee. Break rules. Go the extra mile. Challenge assumptions. Delight our clients. Keep them coming back! The iD Tech experience is hassle-free and fun.
  • Ensure the Safety of Every Student: We take risks with innovation and technology—not with our kids. The physical and emotional safety of our students is paramount.
  • Keep Setting the Standard: We are innovators who invest in things that others may think are impossible to accomplish: all-girls tech programs, robust scholarship programs, and proprietary learning platforms and curricula. Our willingness to take risks will always keep us one step ahead.
  • Stick to Our Roots: We started as a family company and have since become the world’s leading summer tech program. It’s important that we continue as a family-oriented company with lofty goals, while maintaining the roots that keep us strong, grounded, and growing.

The Five Pillars Of iD Tech


We are a purpose-driven, family-owned company of managers, administrators, educators, and innovators who have made it our mission to help you discover and embrace your true passions. After attending our summer camps for kids and teens, you will have completed a final project, created an online portfolio, developed new technology skills, made new friends, and gained a long-term advantage in a changing, competitive world.



As the world’s #1 tech camp since 1999, we’ve been trusted by thousands of parents to provide a safe, educational, valuable, enjoyable, and life-changing environment for learning. We were founded with and continue to promote a family-oriented culture where we treat our peers, and our clients, like family members. We understand that modern parents need flexibility and convenience—it's why we’ve created client-friendly, time-saving policies to make your life easier. We have also been trusted to hold our programs at prestigious campuses nationwide, giving you a taste of the collegiate experience.



We have a mindset of constant innovation and improvement that pervades everything we do. We’re constantly evolving and we’re at the forefront of innovation in learning, hands-on teaching methods, operations and technology. We are continually working to provide the most innovative curricula and the most fruitful, long-lasting learning experiences. We guarantee small class sizes with just 8 students per instructor.



Learning doesn’t have to require a traditional classroom setting or solitary work on a computer for hours at a time. We believe the best learning happens through a well-balanced combination of hands-on practice with instruction from tech-savvy instructors, social interaction, peer-to-peer collaboration, and fun. Our blended learning pedagogy reflects this balance.



iD Tech is a place for students of all genders, backgrounds, orientations, skill levels, and interests. Technology is a great equalizer. It’s your heart, drive, and passion that matter. We foster learning environments that allow kids and teens of all learning styles to blossom. The technology curricula we deliver is universally relevant and inclusive. We are continually striving to make our programs more accessible, cutting across state lines, continents, and socioeconomic divides.


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