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8:1 Guarantee

8 Students Per Instructor—Guaranteed

Discerning parents like you want to know the real deal ahead of time. We are the only camp we know of across the country that actually guarantees its ratios. 8 students per instructor, guaranteed. It’s a crazy concept, and something that is logistically incredible, but we do it (and yes, there’s a lot of technology on the back-end to enable us to deliver). If, for example, one of our instructors gets sick, and we need to fly in an instructor from another state, we do it. Whatever it takes to uphold our commitment to you.

In 1999, we wanted to focus on quality technology education. We wanted small class sizes to maximize personalized, one-on-one instruction. Our immersive kids camps and teen programs helped foster creativity and hands-on learning. Quality was the name of the game back in 1999 and quality still matters, now more than ever.

The official iD Tech guarantee is as follows:

We guarantee a maximum of 8 students per instructor at all on-campus iD Tech summer programs. If, during your participant’s course instructional hours we should go beyond 8 students per instructor (9 or greater) for two or more consecutive days, the participant receives $100 off their tuition.

Please note: The only time we have failed to deliver on our ratio promise in the past was for a sick staff member, or a staff member that did not perform to our expectations. In those few instances, a new staff member was brought in—but not within the timeframe we promised. We honored the iD Guarantee, and clients were given a discount.

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