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Cool to be “Unschool”: How Our Surroundings Impact Creativity and Mood

We were excited to stumble upon an article from edudemic.com, featuring a game-changing Swedish grade school. With it’s hip, sleek architecture and bold, over-sized furniture, it looks more like a futuristic jungle gym than a place of learning. This innovative setting is expected to foster “outside-the-box” thinking, curiosity, and collaboration. The author even referred to the new space as “unschool”–a term we have been using for years to describe iD Tech programs. Read the full article here, and see for yourself below:

Telefonplan School in Sweden

Telefonplan School in Sweden

Telefonplan School in Sweden
Images from edudemic.com

When it comes to creativity, mood, and overall well-being, we know that the right learning or work environment can make all the difference. It’s the reason iD Tech programs are held at prestigious and beautiful university campuses. The reason we deck out our “unschool” labs in bright, up-lifting colors. The reason we hire vibrant, high-energy summer staff who keep the enthusiasm flowing week after week at camp. The reason our year-round employees work in a hip, open-office layout filled with inviting couches, quirky decor, hand-drawn wall art, lots of natural light (did you know excessive exposure to fluorescent lights have been linked to depression?), and themed meeting rooms like “Yoshi’s Island,” or “Dragon’s Lair.”

The average iD employee stays on board for over 7 years, though many have now been with the company for 13, 14, and 15 years. Because the office is a creative sandbox, we’re inspired to innovate, do our best, and continue improving. Something pretty magical is happening here–and out at our programs. Largely due to the unique camp setting we’ve created, students’ imaginations are sparked and many go on to do BIG things:

“iD Tech Camps was a great way to spend my summer. Being in a university setting inspires you to learn more and be more active in class.” -Ilumin G., Santa Clara University Summer Camp

A cool space changes everything:







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