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5 Programming Definitions Every Kid (& Parent) Should Know

When I tell friends and family members (and even complete strangers) about iD Tech, I get the same question—can kids really learn programming? For anyone who isn’t a programmer, the skill usually[...]

Best STEM Apps for Kids Ages 4-12

According to a study by Common Sense Media, ” among families with children age 8 and under, there has been a five-fold increase in ownership of tablet devices such as iPads, from 8% of all[...]
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In Parents’ Eyes, The Right Instructor Means Everything

Many iD employees, including our founders, have young families. Since the beginning, we’ve been asking ourselves, “would we send our own kids to iD?” The answer is yes–in fact, many[...]
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Our 5th Year as a “Top Workplace”…YOUR Best Summer Camp Experience!

iD Tech Voted a Top Workplace 5 Years Running. What’s it to You? iD Tech isn’t just the place we go to work every day—it’s where your students go to dream BIG, get inspired, and[...]

Clever Logo Design: Can You Spot the Hidden Symbolism?

From smartphone ads, to TV commercials, to billboards, we’re bombarded with logos and marketing imagery every day. But, if we take a closer look at some of the company logos we’ve come to[...]

10 Ways the New Apple iOS 8 Will Blow Your Mind

Rejoice, Apple fans! Today marks the unveiling of the new iOS 8, dubbed “the world’s most advanced operating system” by its creators. iOS 8 is now officially out for developers and[...]

#bestjobever: iD Tech Regional Staff Training Held at Bentley!

The iD Tech Regional Staff Training fun continued this past weekend over at Bentley University! Feast your eyes on the good times and prepare for more–all summer long! Have you ever seen a[...]

Top 5 Reasons Kids & Teens Should Learn to Code

Have you found yourself wondering, “what’s with all the hype about programming lately?” As Tynker points out on their blog, programming isn’t gaining traction “just[...]

2014 Staff Training: Summer is Coming and Our Team is Getting PUMPED

Morning, iD Techies! This past weekend, we trained over 220 summer staffers! We were very impressed with their enthusiasm and participation…and we kept hearing “I just want to get to camp[...]

Moms Who Go Above and Beyond: An iD Tech Legacy

Happy Mother’s Day to the tens of thousands of iD Tech moms who consistently go above and beyond when it comes to their kids’ education. Since our founding in 1999, your valuable feedback[...]
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