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  • March 2014 Camp Fair Raffle Winner Free Week of Day Camp

    We would like to congratulate Hong Sun on winning a free week of day camp at iD Tech Camps! We are very excited to have you join our iD Tech Family. Stay tuned campers, as we will be holding another raffle at the end of April and we will announce the winner here! To be entered [...]

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  • Marymount Memories

    I graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with my degree in Writing for Theater many years ago. That experience inspired me to pursue my Masters at NYU in something slightly different than theater – Interactive Telecommunications (a mouthful of a program). Technology was always one of my strong suits. I was really interested in creating computer [...]

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  • Tech Entrepreneurs: Build Your Own ‘Nest’

    Google recently purchased the company Nest, the smart thermostat and smoke detector, for a reported $3.2 billion in cash. Nest was founded by two Apple employees, Tony Fadell and Mark Rogers. At Apple, Tony was renowned as one of the “godfathers” of the iPod and Mark designed the software the iPod ran on. But what [...]

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  • A love letter to Fusion…

    Dearest Multimedia Fusion 2, We have been through so much. I remember when you were young, you Klik & Play, me a gaming obsessed teen. I wasn’t very interested then, but I recall my brother making some pretty fantastic and impressive creations. But then you left my life – I thought forever. Who knew our [...]

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  • What’s New at iD Tech for 2014?

    Happy New Year from the whole iD crew! Technology changes rapidly, which is why we’re constantly developing fresh, relevant curriculum, creating new tech courses, and growing and improving to meet the evolving needs of our students. This year, we’ve added courses with Minecraft, Arduino™ Electrical Engineering products, Clickteam® Fusion 2.5 Developer®, and more. We now offer summer programs at UPenn, Sarah Lawrence [...]

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  • Taking “Girl Power” to the Next Level with STEM and More

    All we can say is…WOW. Toward the Stars, also known as “the world’s largest marketplace for empowering gifts for girls,” recently published a blog feature on 29 girls who achieved BIG in 2013. We’re talking scientific breakthroughs. New technologies and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) advances. Through-the-roof IQ scores. These girls are challenging gender roles, breaking [...]

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  • Wishbone: Helping Students Attend iD Tech!

    Wishbone, a non-profit that aims to “eliminate the opportunity gap” for low-income high school students, has been helping impassioned teenagers attend iD Tech and other extracurricular programs via crowdfunding. The organization recently contacted us with a feature on several students who were able to attend iD because of their fundraising efforts on its site. Meet [...]

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  • Hour of Code: 16,746,032 Kids & Teens Get Intro to Programming

    To say this year’s Hour of Code was a success is an understatement–according to csedweek.org, roughly 16,746,032 students participated in the Hour of Code in schools, workplaces, and communities nationwide, as well as online using tutorials provided by code.org. In the online tutorials alone, students reportedly wrote 552,228,666 lines of code! To put that in perspective, [...]

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  • Tech-Savvy Dad Engineers a Prosthetic Hand for His Son Using a 3D Printer

    Twelve-year-old Leon McCarthy was born without  a left hand. But, what began as an unfortunate disability has become an opportunity for inspiration and hope, thanks to the innovative spirit of the boy’s father. Using a 3D printer and his background in Special Effects, Paul McCarthy engineered a futuristic prosthetic hand. With it, his son has [...]

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  • Generation Indie

    There have never been so many ways to tell a story. When I was young, video games were made by professionals – large groups of developers with specialized equipment and a large budget. There was a small selection of independent works on the PC, but never on a console. There was great reason for this [...]

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