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Category Archive: iD In The News

  • I Speak Computer: Kentucky Bill Says Computer Science Would Satisfy Foreign Language Requisite

    A recent headline from courier-journal.com caught our attention last week: Computer programming would satisfy foreign-language requirement under Kentucky bill. That’s right–according to Senate Bill 16, learning to code would carry the same weight as learning Spanish, French, or German in school. Supporters of this interesting bill believe it would “help prepare students for good-paying jobs in [...]

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  • Help Kids Code Interviews iD Tech Founding Siblings

    For their December issue, online magazine Help Kids Code (www.helpkidscode.com) sat down with iD Tech founding brother and sister, Pete (CEO) and Alexa (President), to get a behind-the-scenes look at our summer tech camps for kids and teens. The publication “helps kids, parents, teachers, and adults learn about coding and computer science with as little [...]

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  • iD Tech Camps on the White House Blog!

    One of our amazing students turned iD instructor, Rebecca Garcia, recently wrote an article for the White House Blog!  Rebecca who is the Co-Founder of the CoderDojo NYC, is being  honored as a Champion of Change for her work with youth in communities historically underserved or underrepresented in tech fields. “The fire didn’t begin until I [...]

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  • Kids Are Driven to Create at Tech Camps – Article as Appeared in the Orinda News

    By Elana O’Loskey The 15th season of Internal Drive (iD) Tech Camps® was held at St. Mary’s College this summer when students aged 7 to 17 powered up their computers to learn how to create apps for the iPad, iPhone, and/or Android. They also learned how to create video games with Minecraft and other popular titles, such as C++ and/or Java™ programs.   [...]

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  • Clements graduate takes Facebook, Google by storm – Article as Appeared in the Houston Community Paper

    By Cory Stottlemyer From creating iOS apps to interning at Facebook and Google, rising University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign junior Matthew Dierker has already compiled an enviable resume that has made the Clements graduate a leader amongst his peers. From kindergarten until his freshman year of high school, Dierker had dreams of becoming a broadcast news [...]

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  • Tech camp in Bristol is all fun and game design – Article as Appeared in the Bristol Phoenix

    By Jim McGaw He may be the son of a Rhode Island legislator, but 9-year-old Raymond didn’t mention politics when asked about his future ambitions. Raymond wants to be a video game designer. “I would like to build games where you can do anything — sort of like ‘Minecraft’ with all 3-D shapes,” said Raymond. “Minecraft” [...]

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  • Minecraft camp on Long Island draws young fans – Article as Appeared in Newsday

    By Beth Whitehouse July 29, 2013 In a classroom at Adelphi University in Garden City, 13-year-old Chris is creating “petrified boots” for his Minecraft video-game character, boots that will let his character jump from higher locations without being injured. He’ll add them to his arsenal, which includes, among other things, a jet pack for flying. [...]

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  • Summer camp inspires kids to find their purpose with technology – Article as Appeared on the Examiner.com

    By Joanna Julien “Last Thursday, a room full of youth ages seven to 17 at Sacramento State University campus were busy working to complete different projects ranging from robotics to video games, due at the end of this week of iD Technology Camp. Jamiel Khan is the Director for the Sacramento campus. “We offer opportunities [...]

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  • This summer some kids are living a dream. They are at camp, designing video games – As Appeared in The Plain Dealer

    By Evan Winston The room isn’t loud, but there is plenty of communication among the campers as they check out each other’s work. They use an online curriculum and get tips from instructors. “I do camps all the time, but when I saw the description for this camp I was interested to learn the things [...]

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  • A different kind of summer camp lets kids explore technology – Article as appeared in the Poughkeepsie Journal

    By Chris Valdez July 24, 2013 Imaginations come to life during the summer. Focused on their computers, kids at the iD Tech Camp at Vassar College created their own video games, apps for mobile devices and other programs. Across the hall, a camper with a frightening white-painted face groaned like a zombie as he chased [...]

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