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  • Top Summer Camp Questions – Answered!

    Beginning as early as November 1st, we receive a ton of questions about all-things summer camp—and rightly so, given that camp includes things like iPhone® apps, STEM education, and university campuses. There is a lot to be aware of! So as we continue on through another week of summer fun at iD Tech, here is [...]

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  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes We Make Designing Websites

    Mistake 1:  Design Starts on the Computer.  Wrong! When we do it best, we draw it first. Napkins.  Blank paper.  Designs start with concepts and ideas and blanks sheets of paper.  We have to force ourselves to step away from our computers and mobile phones.  We turn on the Enya.  And just draw.  I can [...]

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  • How to Become an Indie Game Designer – Free eBook

    You don’t always need the financial support or assistance of a major publisher to build the video game of your dreams. In fact, you can get started right now; creating your own video game—an “indie” (or an independently developed video game). What good is an indie game? You might think indie video games can’t amount [...]

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  • New Logos for Google, Yahoo and iD Tech

    I got to collaborate on this blog post with Marta, one of our lead graphic designers. You may have caught how Google updated their logo for the Sochi Olympic Games…it made a statement. Or maybe you caught how Marissa Mayer updated the logo at Yahoo recently.  From what I’ve read, Marissa is really a master [...]

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  • Is Tech Camp Right for Your Child this Summer?

    Growing up, I was a sports camp kid. Baseball, mostly. There were a few basketball camps mixed in, a bit of soccer. But all I really wanted to do was play baseball—that’s it. Bless my parents for trying to vary my interests, but the writing was on the wall. I mean, I learned to read [...]

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