Awesomeness TV Debuts Alexa Café Episode 1 of 6!

We are thrilled to announce that Awesomeness TV has officially begun the debut of their 6-part series on Alexa Café! We couldn’t be prouder of or more excited for the girls who attended Alexa[...]

Alexa Café Footage Captures Girls’ Love for Adobe® Photoshop®, Lightroom®, Premiere Pro® & More

In it’s inaugural season, our new all-girls program, Alexa Café, has already made waves in international news! The Senior Adobe® Education Advocate from Australia wanted to see our program[...]

Girls & Code: A Relatable Role-Model Can Make All the Difference

Over at the SPARK Blog, Annemarie McDaniel, a professional coder, graphic designer, and blogger, recently posted a terrific read titled “The girl protagonist who inspired me to code.”[...]

Alexa Café: Something Magical is Happening Here

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit Alexa Café, our new all-girls tech program, held at Palo Alto High School! I have been writing about Alexa Café since the idea for the program was[...]

Girls’ Scholarship Spotlight: Annabelle Traveled from CA to AZ to Pursue Tech

Earlier this year, we ran a scholarship campaign that enabled more than 160 girls to attend iD Tech Camps–our flagship, co-ed, summer tech program for ages 7-17–for free. The initiative[...]

Unlimited Creativity: Google’s “Made with Code” Is a Hit with Girls

In an effort to inspire the next generation of female coders, Google has launched “Made with Code,” an online campaign and learning platform for girls. Designed to highlight the endless[...]

iD Tech Alumna Feat. in New York Times: Rebecca G. Inspires Girls to Code

We hear the statistic all the time–over half the U.S. population is female, yet only 14% of Computer Science undergrads are female. So, what’s the secret? How do we get more girls[...]

Using STEM for Good? San Jose Area Girls Know What’s Up!

We came across a great interview with Claire Kunkle, graduate student at Santa Clara University and VP of the campus’ Society of Women Engineers. Recently, Claire and her peers gathered[...]

Equality is Eggcellent: Just In Time for Easter, Progressive Toymaker ‘GoldieBlox’ Releases New Video

Those of us who were around in the 80′s probably remember the DARE anti-drug commercial featuring the cracked egg in the frying pan and the foreboding “this is your brain on drugs”[...]

Attention Girls: Win a Free Week at iD Tech Camps this Summer!

Females currently make up over 50% of the U.S. population, yet only 14% of Computer Science undergrads are women. To bridge the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), we[...]
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