The 10 Biggest Mistakes We Make Designing Websites

Mistake 1:  Design Starts on the Computer.  Wrong! When we do it best, we draw it first. Napkins.  Blank paper.  Designs start with concepts and ideas and blanks sheets of paper.  We have to[...]

New Logos for Google, Yahoo and iD Tech

I got to collaborate on this blog post with Marta, one of our lead graphic designers. You may have caught how Google updated their logo for the Sochi Olympic Games…it made a statement. Or maybe[...]
Sporting my custom "ScienceTechnology" shirt at all-company tech summit.

The Top 10 Taglines They Wouldn’t Let the CEO of iD Tech Use

For those of you who know me, you know my brain is constantly moving at warp speed.  I sacrifice sleep to bring ideas to life.  My team inspires me. They let me introduce really cool, and really[...]

Note from iD CEO, iD Tech Camps Launches 2013 Season

I am very excited about the launch of our 2013 summer tech camps!  November 1st is upon us, and it’s go time.  There is a feeling in the air right now—that what we’re doing is important (and[...]

Are iD Tech Camps Worth the Cost?

Are iD Tech Camps worth the cost? I think it is a fair question.  Here’s what I know.  My team and I care deeply and passionately about delivering the top summer technology camps in the[...]

Summer Camp Staff Training, Random Shoes & Green Hair

  Hello there, I wanted to share some photos of our staff training at UC Berkeley.  We had other training programs going on all over the country over the past month.  Training is intensive. [...]

Getting Schooled By Four-Year-Old in Angry Birds Video Game

Hello iD Nation, Most of you know that we teach many different aspects of game design at our summer camps to kids and teens ages 7-18.  There is a lot to be learned when making a video[...]

iD Tech Camps Promotes Earth Day with One Camper, One Tree Initiative and a Carpool App for Parents

Just in time for Earth Day on April 22nd, 2011 the summer education company iD Tech Camps, along with its iD Teen Academies, has so far committed over $11,000 to the Arbor Day Foundation.  This[...]

Summer Camp Staff at iD Tech Camps…This One’s for You!

Dear Summer Staff, So, tech camp is just a couple months away. We are so excited to have you on board with our team. We’ve been running technology camps since 1999–and we love what we do.[...]

Jimmy the Cat…Will Get No Free Summer Camp!

OK, So you are probably thinking I have a lot of extra spare time on my hands if I am blogging about a cat. Not true. This is a serious post! I take running summer camps and computer camps very[...]
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