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Technology Gives You Super Powers: Hacking Speed Reading

Have you ever wondered why, despite the meteoric pace of technology, we are still reading the same exact way we did thousands of years ago? Different cultures do it slightly different ways but the[...]

iD Tech 365 Members Re-Create Hogwarts from Harry Potter in Minecraft!

Greetings everyone! It’s Grizzle here with iD Tech 365 news! If you aren’t familiar, iD Tech 365 is an online community where students can learn all about technology, just like at camp, from the[...]

Over $1500 in prizes to be won on iD Tech 365!

Grizzle here, to tell you about iD Tech 365′s biggest gaming tournament ever!  In celebration of the summer season, we’ve ramped up the prizes and increased the number of winners! This[...]

iD Tech 365 Students Interview A Professional Indie Game Designer!

Greetings from iD Tech 365, iD’s year round learning community!  As many iD Tech 365 members have aspirations of one day becoming a pro game designer, we decided to give our students the[...]

iD Tech 365 Subscribers Get An Awesome Surprise!

Hello all, and greetings from iD Tech 365!  Last month at iD Tech 365 we had a “Villain Symposium”!  We asked ‘365 members to come up with ideas for video game villains and then share[...]

Learn and Play Online, Year Round, with iD Tech 365!

Greetings and Happy Holidays from the iD Tech 365 Secret Headquarters! internalDrive’s newest online program, iD Tech 365 has been up and running for only a month and a half and there is already so[...]

How can the Nyan Cat earn you $1000 towards free camp?

BIG news from iD Tech 365! Greetings from Grizzle!  As of Nov. 1st, our brand new (and formerly top secret) service, iD Tech 365 has officially launched is currently open for registration!  Since[...]

Make your own apps, games, special effects, computer programs and more at iDTech365.com! – MORE SECRET INFO!

  Greetings from Grizzle (that’s me!)  I’m back to leak more info about internalDrive’s top secret new program, launching Nov. 1st; iDTech365.com. I’ve been sworn to secrecy about this[...]

Win a free week of camp in 2012! – LEAKED SECRET INFO!

Greetings from Grizzle!  It has been a while hasn’t it?  Well, it’s because I’ve been in hiding…   I’m contacting you from my underground bunker (pictured above) where, for the past[...]

CEO Birthday Prank!

Hey guys!  Earlier this month was Pete’s (our CEO) birthday!  At camp we always make a big deal about birthdays for both our campers and staff and you better believe that we do just the same[...]
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