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A rock in my ear?

Hello iD Nation!  One of the fun things about my job is I get to blast the company via email and share my opinions and ideas on what’s relevant.  Our employee also have the same liberty.  You just never know the kinds of emails you are going to get.  Take this one, for example from one of our Regional Managers in Texas.

From: Name Withheld
Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 12:00 PM
To: All iD Employees
Subject: gotta run for a while…

“I have to take my son to the doctor. He just stuck a rock in his ear at school and can’t get it out. I will be off line for a while but I will have my phone.

All you new parents…….take notes!!!”

When I received this email last month, it really put things in perspective.  I am quite certain that a lot of other people were laughing pretty hard too.

The next bit of correspondence I’ll share with you has to do with a Powerpoint presentation I sat in on last week.  We were in a monthly manager’s meeting and one of my manager’s was presenting.  (He too is a new parent).  His presentation had the typical transitions and corny backgrounds, but the final slide ended with a bang.  Is this guy a proud parent or what?

“Maya is now 10lbs & 11oz and is 23” long.  She has entered into the 50th percentile for her age group regarding her weight and size while the size of her cranium has topped the 70th percentile. We are very proud of her elongated trunk and limbs as well as her giant head growth.

Please feel free to measure Maya the next time you see her if you don’t believe the statistics presented today (you will need to provide your own measuring device).”

I know you want to see his adorable girl.  Just beautiful!

Family Giving Tree

I wanted to end this session by giving some well-deserved acknowledgement to the iD crew that volunteered their time on Friday at the Family Giving Tree.  The Family Giving Tree is a non-profit organization that this year alone will deliver 70,000 gifts to children in the Silicon Valley and greater Bay Area.   The staff at the FGT is an all volunteer staff, and they have been working round the clock to ensure that kids in the area have a gift to unwrap during the holidays.  One of our employees, KC, is intimately involved in the organization and we are all very, very proud of her.  KC, we thank you, and the rest of the fine “elves” that make the holidays special for so many.

Below is a picture of the warehouse full of gifts that have to be organized, wrapped, and delivered to locations all over the Bay:

This is me pretending to drive the forklift.

And one of my employees who was begging to appear on my blog.  I hope he thinks it is funny.  He’s ALMOST famous now.

Major thanks to our employees who did volunteer their time.  You guys are famous!

Oh, I did want to point out that I challenged the entire company of Synopsys to see who could fill up the FedEx truck faster:  them, or me.  They won.

And, last but not least, check out Baby Kaylee doing her part!  Yes, she’s another beautiful iD Baby.  She’s no bigger than that football.

Until next time, nation!

Happy Holidays!





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