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In addition to the many flattering student and parent reviews we receive, our Tech Camps and Teen Tech Academies have been receiving positive press from major news sources. Below are some of the fun, informative TV news spots and print articles featuring our summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs.



“Zoe Blandford said she has loved playing video games for many years, and has always been fascinated with their underlying construction. This week, Blandford, 14, from Charlotte, has been creating characters and shapes inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog game series using the Maya program. She is one of the students taking Andrew Barratt’s class in 3-D design and animation at this year’s ID Tech Camp at Koury Residence Hall at UNC.”

“He may be the son of a Rhode Island legislator, but 9-year-old Raymond Ottiano didn’t mention politics when asked about his future ambitions. Raymond wants to be a video game designer. “I would like to build games where you can do anything — sort of like ‘Minecraft’ with all 3-D shapes,” said Raymond, the son of Sen. Christopher Ottiano.”

“You can stop worrying about the future of apps. We’re never going to run out of them, thanks largely to a young generation of app developers who are cranking out useful, trivial, ingenious and puzzling programs the way previous generations once created dance moves, mix tapes and graffiti masterpieces. Every generation searches for a way to make its mark; a way to show that its members know something that those who came before don’t. For the class of 2013 there is more than one form of expression, but there is also no question that one of the most powerful is app development.”

“Sitting at his computer, Thomas Nielsen was immersed in a video game, an imaginary world where a tiny purple squid named Inky battled the King Tomato, the Strawberry Queen and evil turnips. But Thomas wasn’t playing the game — he was creating it.”

“Donald Garner Jr. was at his auto-salvage lot shooting the breeze last year when a customer mentioned that her nine-year-old twin sons had just gotten back from computer camp. Great skill to have, said Mr. Garner, who went on to complain about how much he was going to have to pay a pro to build a decent Web site. Why not ask her boys to do it?”

“Samantha Johnson won’t have a sunburn or mosquito bites to show for her time at camp this summer. But the 11-year-old will take home something else – an iPhone app called “Cupcakes vs. Bunnies” that she developed herself.”

“‘We sit down and talk about what makes games fun,’ said instructor Melissa Andrews, who was working with the youngest group of campers. ‘We get it down to the basics so they can make their own game.’ ’’